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Your Cause. Your Website: The suggestion box is open


Welcome to the first installment of Your Cause, Your Website, a regular announcement from the PICnet Support Team aimed at ensuring that your relationship with your website is a rich, happy, and productive one – and that our role in supporting that relationship is as effective and helpful as can be.

We’ll be dedicating these updates to ways in which you can unlock the full potential of your site. There’s a lot of buzz out there about what’s hip, what’s essential, what’s possible. Our task will be to cut through the hype and offer specific, clear steps for you to better leverage your online presence and further your mission.

Because that’s what it’s all about. Your cause. Your website.

For this first update, we want to stress one thing: the suggestion box is open. We want to hear from you on how we are doing as a Support Team. You’ll notice that the end of each interaction with us on our Help Desk includes a link to a 30-second survey so you can let us know how we did and how we can improve. Thanks in advance for your time and input.  Both are appreciated and valuable as we strive to better serve you.

Of course, you don't need to wait to fill out a survey to contact us!  If you have an issue you're looking to resolve, you can always submit a request and we'll tackle it.

Your PICnet Support Team


Getting the most from Soapbox?

In addition to articles in our Knowledge Base that get specific about how to use your Soapbox site, we have a growing collection of Tips and Tricks available. These are aimed at those of you looking to fancy up your website with some easy, helpful tools and services. Maybe you’ve been curious about adding maps to your site. Or are looking for a way to get more feedback from your visitors through custom forms. Or are interested in emerging fundraising opportunities through YouTube. Take a peek to see how you might be able to incorporate any or all of these ideas.

Need a fresh look to your site?

Fashion changes. We know. It’s true of clothes and music and slang. Ya dig? It’s also true of website design. If yours is feeling a little musty and retro in all the wrong ways, contact us. We’d be happy to chat about a website make over.

Outgrowing Soapbox?

Soapbox is great at offering a discreet set of services at non-profit friendly pricing. We’re continually growing it with new features and functionalities that will make your job easier and your visitors happier and better informed when visiting your website. But what if you’ve decided that it’s time to get more customized – to add some functionality that’s going to take your organization to the next level? We’d love to chat with you. We’ve got a whole side of our shop dedicated to building customized solutions for non-profits just like yours.

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