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Your Cause. Your Website: Free $$$ with Google Grants


We like free money. The 37 cents you find in between your couch cushions. The crisp, flat dollar bill you left as a bookmark in some random novel three years ago and are just now rediscovering. The friend who pays you back that ten spot from two months back you forgot you ever loaned him.

Free money is good money.

What if we told you that your non-profit could find $329 in between Google's sofa cushions? And that you could go back to that sofa each day, every day for a total of $10,000 in free money each month without needing to pick through the lint and leftover gum wrappers?

Too good to be true? Not when that free money is through Google Grants and its in-kind AdWords advertising program.

What's AdWords? It's the online, self-service program used by paying Google advertisers to pitch their products and services through Google. These ads appear on the right side of native search results when you use the Google search engine at or any of its affiliate sites.

How do you get to dig in Google's couch cushions?  Apply to Google Grants.  Once accepted, your non-profit earns in-kind advertising dollars, capped at $329 per day, to select some keywords around which to build its own marketing campaigns. These campaigns can attract eyeballs to your site to raise general awareness or be uber-targeted to zero in on cultivating donors, volunteers, or advocates for anything you're up to in seeking after your mission.

And did we mention that it was free money?

Visit the Google Grants overview page to read the rules of the road and start your application.

Before you do so, though, a word from experience: the application is short, the wait is not. Google warns you to expect a six month turnaround for them to review your Google Grants application. Our recent experience with a couple of applications submitted in February resulted in approval in November. After this initial acceptance into the Google Grants program, the next step is creation of an AdWords account and another application for Google to review and activate that account - a review process Google says will take a couple of months to review.

All that is to say that there is no better time than the present to submit your application and start the ball rolling.  Plus, it gives you ample time to review the ins and outs of the AdWords process so you can become a guru in time to use them.

You can also feel free to grab some popcorn and press play on this handy overview of all the free stuff Google has to offer your organization:

Run time: 28:54

Or, if you're interested in a little advice on how to use that free cash money, hit us up.  We're happy to chat.

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