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Your cause. Your website: Salesforce user? Supercharge your CRM with J!Salesforce and foundation funding!


Does your organization currently use Salesforce? Are you looking to get the most from your Salesforce application through innovative customization or integration with your website? If so, read on for important news that could supercharge your CRM!

Connect your website with Salesforce through J!Salesforce

PICnet offers J!Salesforce, a straightforward tool that integrates your Soapbox website with your Salesforce install. This tool provides:

  • connectivity between Soapbox and the Contacts object in Salesforce.com
  • Soapbox user registration with additional custom fields that auto-populate a corresponding Salesforce.com new contact
  • profile updating with Salesforce.com
  • search directory extension, providing a searchable interface of your Contacts object from Salesforce.com through your Soapbox Web site (especially useful for membership directories)
  • a user-friendly, customizable and templateable search form, results page, and detailed view page for Salesforce.com Contact records in Soapbox

Interested in implementing this on your site? Contact us today about tapping into the power of J!Salesforce.

Salesforce.com Foundation Grant Program: Technology Innovation 2010 Grants

Looking to expand your use of Salesforce? The Salesforce.com Foundation is seeking to fund innovative proposals through its 2010 Grant Program. Through this program, they are soliciting applications that meet the following:

Technology Innovation grants will be awarded to visionary nonprofit organizations to enable their innovative use and development of technology. Successful applicants will demonstrate how the enhanced use of technology will support and improve their ability to effect their social change mission. Project proposals must represent responses to clearly identified needs and must outline a realistic plan for replication to the global nonprofit community.

Strength in numbers: Collaborative applications for a common solution

At PICnet, we're huge fans of Salesforce and the power it has to transform an organization's relationship with its clients, donors, and partners. This is why we created J!Salesforce. This is why we plan to expand its feature set in the future.

This is also why we are doing more than simply passing on the good news about the Salesforce.com Foundation grant program. PICnet is currently reaching out to interested clients and other potential partners to facilitate a joint application that will center around expanding connectivity between Soapbox sites and Salesforce.  Our intention is to provide technical guidance to translate individual organizational goals into common coding tools in order to produce maximum benefit for multiple clients and an increased ability for the collaborators to submit a successful application that provides a "realistic plan for replication to the global nonprofit community".

If you are interested in participating in this collaborative effort, please contact us today!

Not a Salesforce user but curious about becoming one?

Salesforce is the world's most popular CRM.  What's more, it is free to non-profit organizations through the Salesforce.com Foundation.  Check out their program today to learn more about how this robust CRM can enhance your organization's work.

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