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Your Cause. Your Website: Learn the benefits of migrating from Soapbox 1 to Soapbox 2


Is your website on our Soapbox 1 platform?  If so, take a few minutes to watch this video and learn how your nonprofit can become more effective and efficient in managing its website by migrating to Soapbox 2:

Interested in migrating? Contact us!

Not sure if your site is on Soapbox 1? Find out!

Interested in learning more about some of expanded features that come standard in Soapbox 2 after watching the video? Learn about Soapbox Slideshow, custom page titles, and advanced Google Analytics tracking as three examples.

Curious about add on services for Soapbox 2? Find out more about events management, integrated donation processing, connections with Salesforce, and job listings.

If you don't see this video embedded in your email or on the Help Desk, watch it on this YouTube page.

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