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Soapbox Throwdown: Your vote decides


Three men enter, one man sings: You decide their fate

PICnet is excited to announce the first ever Soapbox Throwdown, a competition pitting PICnetter against PICnetter in a timed duel of Soapbox proficiency. Equipped with a common template, a fictional organization, and the tools in Soapbox, contestants had only one day to create a site. Time constraints were held to with strict precision. Contestants were highly encouraged to use the range of products available in Soapbox, including Soapbox Events, Soapbox Mapper, Jobline, Soapbox Slideshow, and Soapbox Donations.

The Contestants

Alex Budak
The Natural
PICnet's number one draft pick of the fall season, the kid brings a hunger and native facility for the challenge that strikes fear into his competitors.

Tim Forbes
The Wiley Veteran
The gray beard of the bunch, what he lacks in energy or the base ability to string coherent sentences together, he attempts to make up for in guile and trickery.

Tony Larson
The Woolliest PICnetter
Former recipient of the Woolly Mammoth Theater Company's Woolliest Washingtonian award, Larson's commitment to head-to-head - or hair-to-hair - competition is legendary.

The Sites

Bread & Hope: Operating in Washington D.C., Bread & Hope provides short-term assistance and long-term strategies out of poverty for those in our nation's capital.

Sustainable Sudamerica: A socially-responsible business emphasizing environmental sustainable travel, Sustainable Sudamerica offers treks throughout South America.

Truth and Justice Foundation: The Truth and Justice Foundation is an internationally-focused organization promoting the rule of law across the globe.

The Voting

Here's what we ask of you:

  1. Review the sites
  2. Choose your favorite
  3. VOTE!
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