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Dirty Little Non-Profit Soapbox Secrets


I take to my couch at home for an intimate confessional regarding what we've been up to. Watch the video as I come clean:

What's a "Salesforce" and does it bite?

Not sure what this Salesforce mumbo jumbo is all about? Check out the Salesforce Foundation to learn more about the good people who give away world-class product to non-profit organizations for FREE so folks like YOU can keep better track of all the donors, clients, members, advocates, activities, petitions, email blasts, and species of arachnids you care to keep track of.

"Forget about Salesforce! Show me that Events and Donations goodness!"

If you insist. Here's the 411 on Soapbox Events and Soapbox Donations. They're add on services. Or perhaps a nice mapping tool would be more your style? It's all about options, no? We like options. Options are good. Especially good options. Good options are definitely good and that's why we like them!

"I'm on Non-Profit Soapbox 1. Is Soapbox 2 twice as good what with that number '2' and all?"

Decide for yourself! If you think so, we can migrate you over in a flash! Or use the opportunity to freshen up your site with a new design. Come on! All the cool kids are doing it. Find out more.

And now for the question of the day...

"Can Tim's head actually get any closer to the camera without him swallowing that camera whole?" Discuss...

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