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Give your opinion: Name the upcoming Soapbox training suite


As you know, we've got a catalog of articles in our knowledge base which guide you through various tasks in managing your website. They're good - but we think they can be better.

We're in the process of adding to and organizing the knowledge base into a comprehensive training experience with additional topic-specific articles as well as videos that introduce fundamental concepts to tie everything together. The goal is to share all of the same information we provide in our 2 hour trainings conducted during site development plus a good deal more for those looking to expand their knowledge.

This new training experience will launch in April and, to gear up for it, we need a name. That's where we're hoping you can come in.

Professional and to the point? Pithy? Quirky and funny? What's your favored approach?

Here's the list of working titles we're got:

  1. Soapbox Learning Center
  2. Soapbox University
  3. Kung Fu Soapbox: Become a Black Belt in Website Management
  4. Getting Started with Soapbox
  5. Wash, Rinse, Repeat: Step-by-Step Instructions for Non-Profit Soapbox
  6. Phil's Guide to Non-Profit Soapbox (Phil is our penguin mascot)
  7. Get On Your Soapbox: Step-by-Step Instructions for Getting the Most from your Site

Got an opinion? Anything strike your fancy? Anything making you run screaming? Vote for your favorite in the comments - or post your own idea!

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