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Getting chatty on your site with Soapbox Comments


Nothing makes us happier than to see the Non-Profit Soapbox platform and its groovy tools put to good use by the wide range of nonprofits using our service. We're in this business to empower your organization to make change happen and to ensure that your website is making that change just a little easier to come by. Sometimes, giving your visitors a chance to add their own two cents is exactly the thing to make that happen.

As we're a sharing bunch over here at PICnet, we'd thought we'd give you a brief tour of a few very different organizations using Soapbox Comments to create a conversation space on their sites for interested and engaged visitors. Want to talk music education or outstanding workplaces or effective use of the nets by Congress or the fight against global poverty or TURTLES! Consider yourself invited:

Interested in adding this to your site on Non-Profit Soapbox CMS? Let us know!

On Non-Profit Soapbox 1 and want to join the party of the new platform? Find out more in this video!

Now all this great use of Soapbox Comments by those organizations is getting me a bit worked up. In fact, I'm a little verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic. Non-Profit Soapbox is neither a lather inducing substance nor a wooden, three-dimensional object. Discuss.

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