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Hang out with us again this week - New proceedure for joining in, so please read!


Hey there, It's Brad! 

We are hosting our weekly Google Hangout Office Hours again today at 3:00PM ET - I'm really looking forward to seeing all of your glowing faces again this week!

We are doing things a little differently though.  Previously, we were keeping the hangouts open to the public.  We wanted them to be open!  Fun!  And easy to get to!

However, we've had a few random passersby not particularly interested in Soapbox or managing their sites or anything remotely relevant to the purpose of our hangouts - we want to keep the focus on YOU and what you can get out of Soapbox.

So going forward, starting with today's hangout, we are only inviting those of you who have requested to be in our Google+ Circles.

So if you are among those that want to hang out with us, stop by the PICnet page and add us to your circles, or let me know via email or a support ticket that you are interested and I will add you to our circles.  And remember, there is a limit of only 10 Hangout participants at a time, so showing up earlier in the session is the best way to get in on the conversation.

Visit our page to circle us and get Hangout invite here:

Thanks - and I'll see you at 3:00!

Office Hours will be open every Tuesday from 3:00-3:30pm ET.  Feel free to join in anytime during that window.

See you soon,

Brad and the PICnet team

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