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Security Statement on OpenSSL “Heartbleed Bug”


Earlier this week, a vulnerability with the OpenSSL cryptographic software library was publicly disclosed. This vulnerability is officially being referred to as “CVE-2014-0160” and being widely referred to in the media as the “Heartbleed Bug”.

OpenSSL is very widely installed on servers throughout the world including PICnet’s Soapbox servers. The New York Times estimates that OpenSSL is in use by over two-thirds of websites including many popular sites such as Facebook and Google.

PICnet’s system administrators first became aware of the “Heartbleed Bug” early on Tuesday, April 8th and immediately began patching any vulnerable OpenSSL installs. Installation of these security patches was completed the same day, and covers all services hosted on the Soapbox network.

Clients who have contacted our support team have learned that their services have already been patched.

Here at PICnet we take security extremely seriously. PICnet recommends our customers follow good security practices including using strong passwords and changing them regularly.

If there is anything further with which we can assist, our Soapbox Support Team is available as usual via our ticketing system at

Thank you very much,

Ryan Ozimek

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