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Soapbox Events: Week of July 6th


Happy first full week of July! Here's what we've got cooking for the schedule along with our Tip of the Week!

Soapbox Open Office Hours
very Tuesday from 3:00 - 3:30 pm ET
Join Open Office Hours

Join Support guru, Brad Grochowski, for this week's installment of Soapbox Open Office Hours. If you have questions about the management of your site, have run into problems you aren't sure how to work around, or want to talk to the Soapbox Support team "face-to-face" about a ticket you have opened, then Soapbox Office Hours are for you! No registration necessary. Just drop in!

Tip of the week

With Soapbox, if your site that is mobile-friendly through our responsive design approach, you have the ability to show or hide various elements - menu items, modules, sections of a page, Directories elements, and more! - based on the size of the device on which a visitor is viewing your website. For more, check out Show or hide elements at different screen resolutions in our Knowledge Base.

If you'd like your site to be mobile-friendly, open a ticket and we'll chat about possibilities!

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