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Soapbox Update: Copying Custom Salesforce Fields when duplicating an event


We dropped a little something into your Soapbox site late last night for those using Soapbox Events and integrating with Salesforce. Now, when you copy an event, any custom Salesforce fields included on the Attendee Info tab will duplicate as part of the event.

Many thanks to the good folks at Mothers Against Drunk Driving for working with us to release this functionality to the Soapbox community.

Happy Soapboxing!

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    Tim Forbes

    To add further follow up to the Soapbox release on August 20th that added the duplication of Custom Salesforce Fields when copying an event, we're pleased to report that it also resolved known issues with Ticket Types, Promo Codes, and Taxonomy Terms not being duplicated when copying an event. Now, each of these items will be duplicated when copying an existing event.

    Hat tip to the fine folks at Phinney Neighborhood Association for assistance in identifying and squishing these pesky bugs!

    Happy Soapboxing!

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