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Add, edit, or delete Taxonomy Term(s)


Taxonomy Terms are a way of organizing articles and other content on your site that augments and extends the basic Sections and Categories system. The power and flexibility they provide are most often used for content-rich sites or blogs. Similar to Tags used on other platforms, Taxonomy terms have the additional option of being associated with each other in a hierarchical parent-child relationship, allowing for increased presentation options beyond that of flat tags lists.

Adding, editing, and deleting terms is done in the Terms Manager. Check out this article to learn how to assign terms.

Adding a Term

To add a Term to your site:

  • Go to Components > Taxonomy > Terms Manager
  • Click New


  • For Name, enter the term you wish to add


  • For Parent, select the term you wish to be the parent of this new term. If this term is to be a top level parent, leave the select as "No Parent Term"
  • If you wish the term to be available immediately, leave the Published option set to Yes
  • For Note, insert any descriptive text you wish to include for this term. It is optional and will only be visible in the Administrator in this view
  • For Description, use the content editor to enter text, images, embedded video or links. If your site has menu items set to display the Description, this content will appear at the top of those pages which show articles with this term applied.
  • Click Save

You can also add a child term to an existing parent directly in the Taxonomy tree itself:

  • In the Terms Manager, find the parent term to which you wish to add a child
  • Click the plus sign under the Add Child column for this parent term
  • In the box that appears below the parent term, type the new term and click Save
  • If you wish to reorder the new child within the other children of this parent, use the arrow buttons under the Order column

Editing a Term

To edit a Term on your site:

  • To edit a term Name, click the Edit icon to the right of the term name in the Terms column, make your edit, and click Save
  • To edit a term Name, Note, or Description, click the term name in the Terms column, edit the fields in the subsequent view, and click Save

Deleting a Term

To delete a term, it must have no articles associated with it and no child terms. After you have removed these:

  • In the Terms Manager, select the checkbox to the left of the term in the Terms column
  • Click Delete in the upper right
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