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Ordering results of Directories page


You can order the results of your Directories page by any field on the chosen object. To change the order of your results:

  1. Navigate to the Directories Manager
  2. Click Form Manager
  3. Click on the title of the Directories page that you want to customize. 
  4. Click on the "Options" tab > in the right hand column and click on "Parameters - List Display". There you will see a field called "Order by". Click the "Select" link.
  5. Use your mouse to drag and drop any fields you want to use to define the order in which your results are displayed. You can define a default order as well as user sort options (which would allow for a site visitor to re-order the results on the frontend of the site). 
  6. You can also choose to change the selected fields to display the results in ascending or descending order. To change from ascending order to descending order and vice versa click on the ASC abbreviation next to the field, hit Shift + Click to edit that setting, type in "ASC" for ascending or "DESC" for descending.
  7. Hit "select" to exit out of this parameter, then hit save for the form to ensure that your settings were saved. Then you are done!


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