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Could I or one of my staff be made a "Super Admin?"


Could I or one of my staff be made a "Super Admin?"

"Super Administrator" status is reserved for PICnet staff only, as it allows access elements beyond what is needed for site management.  The "Administrator" level account is able to access anything you would need to manage your site, so should be sufficient.

The only thing you aren't able to do as an Administrator that you might need to do - is to manage other Administrator level accounts.  This is for security reasons.  If you need any Administrator level accounts managed (i.e. demoted or deleted) please open a ticket and our Support team will be happy to assist you.  Usually, we will demote the account to "Registered" status so that you can manage them as you see fit.

Because of this, we usually recommend that you have one or two "Administrator" level accounts, and limit the rest of your accounts to "Manager" level, so that you are able to manage them as needed.

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