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Can I review a list of declined transactions due to an Authorize.net fraud filter in Soapbox?


With Authorize.net, you have the ability to create fraud filters to automatically decline transactions based on criteria you set in Authorize.net. One common example is creating an Amount fraud filter which defines a minimum or maximum amount between which an attempted transaction must fall. Any transaction attempted via Soapbox which does not meet a given criteria you have created will cause the payment form to refresh and the following Authorize.net-defined error message to be displayed to the visitor:

Payment Error: (251) - This transaction has been declined.

While you cannot view a list of these declined transactions in Soapbox. you can do so in Authorize.net. There are several options for locating this information in Authorize.net. To view all declined transactions:

  1. Login to your Authorize.net account
  2. Click on Search > Search by Batch in the left column
  3. For From under Settlement Date, choose "Unsettled"
  4. For To under Settlement Date, choose "Unsettled"
  5. For Status under Transaction, choose "Declined"
  6. Click Search
  7. To view details of a given transaction to determine the reason for the decline, click the Transaction Id in the left column
  8. In the transaction detail popup, view the Fraud Information section for details

To view instances a specific fraud filter was triggered to cause a decline in the last 30 days:

  1. Login to your Authorize.net account
  2. Click on Tools > Fraud Detection Suite in the left column
  3. In the list of Transaction Filters, for the fraud filter in question, click the number in the Triggered column

If you wish, you can also be notified of declined transactions by Authorize.net. To setup email addresses to which you wish to send notifications, go to Tools > Fraud Detection Suite and click on Email Notification in the right column.

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