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Why do visitors see "Payment Error: (11586) - DPRP is disabled. - DPRP is disabled for this merchant."?


PayPal has several account offerings. Soapbox works with a specific type of PayPal account called PayPal Website Payments Pro. If a visitor attempts to make a recurring donation and receives the following error, it is likely because the type of account you have is PayPal Payments Pro (without the "Website") which uses a service called PayPal Payflow for recurring transactions rather than PayPal Website Payments Pro for recurring billing:

Payment Error: (11586) - DPRP is disabled. - DPRP is disabled for this merchant.

Should you find yourself with the PayPal Payments Pro rather than PayPal Website Payments Pro, you will need to contact PayPal directly to discuss the options and process for changing. To do so, the following PayPal contact has offered excellent service on this matter and has offered to be contacted directly:

Bryan Sobczyk
Senior Solutions Executive
(402) 938-3623

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