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Soapbox Engage QuickStart for Salesforce (Current: 1.6)


Current Release Version of Soapbox Engage QuickStart for Salesforce: 1.6
Package type: Unmanaged

If you currently have a version more than 1 step prior to the current version, you will have to update in a succession of progressive steps.  Start by clicking on the link of your current version below, to update to the next version.  Then continue with the link next to the following version, etc, until you have installed the latest version.

Example, if you are currently at 1.0, and the latest version is 1.4, you would install 1.0->1.1, then 1.1->1.2, then 1.2->1.4.  (Note, there is not a step 1.2->1.3.  That step is intentionally skipped.)

Here are the package upgrade links for Soapbox Engage QuickStart for Salesforce:

1.0 -> 1.1:  [Click Here]

1.1 -> 1.2: [Click Here]

1.2 -> 1.4: [Click Here]

1.4 -> 1.5: [Click Here]

1.5 -> 1.6: [Click Here]

Once you have progressed to the most recent version, confirm that the following custom Lead fields are mapped to their pair in Opportunities and Contacts.  Mapping can be found in Setup > Customize > Leads > Fields > Lead Custom Fields & Relationships > Map Lead Fields (button):

  • Credit Card Expiration Month —> Opportunity.Credit Card Expiration Month
  • Credit Card Expiration Year —> Opportunity.Credit Card Expiration Year
  • Credit Card Last Four Digits —> Opportunity.Credit Card Last Four Digits
  • Donation Custom Field Text 1 —> Opportunity.Donation Custom Field Text 1
  • Donation Custom Field Text 2 —> Opportunity.Donation Custom Field Text 2
  • Donation Custom Field Text 3 —> Opportunity.Donation Custom Field Text 3
  • Donation Custom Field Text 4 —> Opportunity.Donation Custom Field Text 4
  • Form of Payment —> Opportunity.Form of Payment
  • Lead Convert Record Type —> Opportunity.Lead Convert Record Type
  • Number of Tickets —> Opportunity.Number of Tickets
  • Receipt Sent —> Opportunity.Receipt Sent
  • Subscription Id —> Opportunity.Subscription Id
  • Thank You Sent —> Opportunity.Thank You Sent
  • Ticket Price —> Opportunity.Ticket Price
  • Ticket Type —> Opportunity.Ticket Type
  • Transaction Date —> Opportunity.Transaction Date
  • Transaction ID —> Opportunity.Transaction ID
  • Transaction Status —> Opportunity.Transaction Status
  • UTM Campaign —> Opportunity.UTM Campaign
  • UTM Medium —> Opportunity.UTM Medium
  • UTM Source —> Opportunity.UTM Source

With that, you're all set!

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