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Enabling credit cards and PayPal Standard payments for Soapbox Donations


As an administrator, you are able to allow visitors to pay by major credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa) or through PayPal. The first option will process the payment through your chosen payment processor that integrates with Soapbox without the visitor ever leaving your site. The options include PayPal Website Payments Pro, Authorize.net, CyberSource or Braintree. The second option will send the visitor to PayPal itself to complete the transaction. Both can be enabled simultaneously, if you wish.

To enable your desired options:

  • Open the Soapbox Donation form for which you wish to set payment options
  • Click the Payment Form tab

  • For Major Credit Cards in the right column under Billing Information, choose Show or Hide
  • For Enable PayPal Button, choose Use Global Config, to use the default set in Donations > Configuration, or override that default by selecting Yes or No. The Configuration is set to No unless you change it. To do so, follow the steps noted below.
  • For PayPal Email Address field, you may leave this blank if you a) have not enabled the PayPal button for this form; or 2) you have enabled the PayPal button and set a default PayPal Email Address in the Configuration (see below). If you have enabled the PayPal button for this form and have not set a PayPal Email Address in the Configuration or wish to override that default PayPal Email Address for this particular form, enter the address you wish to use here.
  • Click Save

Setting PayPal Standard options in Soapbox Donations Configuration

In addition to selecting whether or not you wish to allow transactions to be processed directly with PayPal on a form by form basis, as noted above, you can set global defaults for all your Soapbox Donation forms in the Configuration.

To do so:

  • Click the gear icon to the left of View All and Add New Donation Page in the Donations Pages module on the control panel
  • For Enable PayPal Button on the Payment tab in the Configuration, select Yes or No, depending on your preference
  • For PayPal Email Address, enter the email address associated with your PayPal account you wish to use as the default for off-site payments through PayPal on all of your forms with this option enabled
  • Click Save
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