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Display list of documents in Notes & Attachments for a given record


If you have enabled Notes & Attachments for the Salesforce object from which you are displaying data in a Directories page, you have the option of including a hyperlinked list of documents included as Notes & Attachments for a given record on the List Display or Record Display views.

To do so:

  1. Go to the Directories page to which you wish to add the attachments list
  2. Click on the List Display or Record Display tab, depending on where you wish the list to appear
  3. Click Add Attachments List Element button
  4. For Name, enter a value with which you wish to identify this list in the administrator view
  5. For Published, choose whether this list should be published on the front end of the site
  6. For Label, enter the text you wish to appear above the list of attachments
  7. For Default Value, enter the text you wish to appear if no attachments are associated with a given record
  8. For Display Label, choose whether or not you wish the Label to be shown
  9. For Display Attachment Links, select if you wish the links to be separated by commas or by line breaks
  10. For CSS Keywords, if PICnet has provided you with customized styling for this element, you may enter the unique identifier for it here
  11. For View Position, select the are of the page on which you wish the list of attachments to appear
  12. For Access Level, if you have a password-protected area of your site, you can elect to limit visibility of the attachment links to only logged in users with Registered or Special access. Otherwise, leave the default setting as Public.
  13. Click Save
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