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Deleting an Order (Reservation) due to cancellation in Soapbox Events


If you need to delete an order (or "reservation") in Soapbox Events due to a cancellation or inadvertent entry, you can do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Events manager
  2. Click the Orders tab
  3. Use the Filter box to search for the name of the individual whose Order you wish to delete
  4. Click the checkbox next to the Order record you wish to delete
  5. In the upper right, click Delete

Upon deleting this Order, it and its associated tickets will be removed from Soapbox and the event capacity and ticket capacity totals for the event will be updated appropriately.

Issuing a refund for cancelled paid tickets

If you need to issue a refund for cancellation of an order payment, you will need to do so through your payment processor or by issuing a check to the individual who has cancelled their orders.

Updating Salesforce with order (reservation) cancellation

Deleting the event order in Soapbox does not update Salesforce. You will need to update Salesforce manually to note the cancellation.

To do so, delete the following records associated with the order:

  1. Campaign Member record on the Campaign associated with the event for individual reserving the tickets
  2. Opportunity record associated with the order you deleted in Soapbox. NOTE: Deleting the Opportunity record will delete the appropriate Ticket records associated with this order as well since they are child records of the Opportunity.

If you wish to retain these records for historic purposes but note them as cancelled, you may consider doing the following:

  1. Add an option to the Status field on the Campaign Member object for "Cancelled"
  2. Update the Campaign Member with the new "Cancelled" status
  3. Updated the Opportunity record Stage field to "Closed Lost"
  4. Add a custom checkbox field on the Ticket object named Cancelled
  5. Update the associated Ticket records by checking the Cancelled button
  6. Update the associated Tickets Report in Reports to filter out any Tickets with the Cancelled checkbox checked
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