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What are the different page views for the Events app?


The Soapbox Engage Events app provides the following different views for your visitors to view your events.  Simply replace "<<prefix>>" with your Soapbox Engage account prefix, and <<event-id>> with the ID of the event as found in the Events app administrator.

  • Upcoming events view - http://<<prefix>>.nonprofitsoapbox.com/upcoming-events
    This is a blog-style view of all the events that are either currently happening or will happen in the future, and are published
  • Past events view - http://<<prefix>>.nonprofitsoapbox.com/past-events
    This is a blog-style view of all the events that have already concluded, and are published
  • Calendar view - http://<<prefix>>.nonprofitsoapbox.com/calendar
    This is a monthly calendar view of all the events that are published
  • Detailed event view - http://<<prefix>>.nonprofitsoapbox.com/component/events/event/<<event-id>>
    This is the view for one event
  • Reservation event view - https://<<prefix>>.secure.nonprofitsoapbox.com/component/events/event/<<event-id>>/?layout=rsvp
    This is the view for one event's registration page
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