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What is the data relationship between Soapbox Engage and the Nonprofit Success Pack?


This article outlines the high-level data relationships between Soapbox Engage and the Nonprofit Success Pack, represented in the following format Soapbox Engage --> Salesforce object.  There are other objects and more nuance, but this should provide the information regarding the final expectations of where the data will reside in Salesforce.

Soapbox Donations

  • Donation transaction --> Opportunity
  • Donor --> Contact, Opportunity Contact Role, Campaign Member
  • Donor's company/family/self --> Account
  • Donation page --> Campaign
  • Recurring donation schedule --> Recurring Donations (NPSP)

Soapbox Events

  • Event registration transaction --> Opportunity
  • Ticket orderer --> Contact, Opportunity Contact Role, Campaign Member
  • Ticket orderer's company/family/self --> Account
  • Event registration page --> Campaign
  • Ticket(s) --> Ticket (custom for Soapbox Events for Salesforce)

Soapbox Petitions

  • Petition signer --> Contact, Campaign Member
  • Petition comment --> Campaign Member
  • Petition signer's company/family/self --> Account

Soapbox Shop

  • Shop purchaser --> Contact, Campaign Member, Contact Role
  • Shop purchaser's company/family/self --> Account
  • Shop page --> Campaign
  • Shop order --> Opportunity
  • Shop order item --> Opportunity Line Item
  • Shop items --> Pricebookentry
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