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In An Event, Can I Choose To Hide Or Show The Number Of Remaining Tickets Available?


Question: I would like like to hide the number of tickets that remain available for an upcoming event, is that possible?  Alternatively, I have a limited number of tickets remaining available for an upcoming event, is it possible to display the remaining number?

Answer:  It is possible to choose whether or not the number of remaining tickets are displayed on your event. 

  1. Open the event for editing in Soapbox,
  2. Select the "Edit" tab
  3. Open the "Parameters (View)" section on the right
  4. Set the parameter, "Show Tickets Available" to either "Yes" or "No" as desired.  Note that you can also set the event to follow your global setting for this parameter by selecting, "Use Global Config"
  5. Save or Apply the event.

And that should do the trick.  You may find that you need to clear your site cache in order to see the change on the front-end right away.

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