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Welcome to the new and improved Soapbox Support Center!


Inspired and informed by your suggestions in recent surveys and your comments shared with staff, we're proud to present the new and improved Soapbox Support Center! With it, you'll receive all the same great support through a revamped user experience that will make it more efficient to get your questions answered while being easier on the eye.

Here are some key improvements:

Reorganized Knowledge Base

We've transformed the structure of the Knowledge Base to place Soapbox apps front and center. Now you'll be able to access the information you're after with just a couple of clicks, easily drilling down to what you need when you need it.

Revamped design

Also known as "less neon green," the update to the Soapbox Support Center is easier on the eye with an updated color palette and nice, readable fonts. Heck, you may love the experience so much, you'll find yourself just hanging out and reading things for the sheer pleasure of it!

Greater visibility into your tickets and your organization's tickets

New profile views in the Soapbox Support Center make it easier for you to view, search and sort tickets you've submitted, tickets you've been copied on, and tickets submitted by colleagues at your organization.

Clearer view of what's available within Soapbox

Soapbox is an insanely rich platform with which you can do everything from engage with your constituents through our myriad of apps, manage an entire website full of content, and send mass emails to drive your mission. The new Support Center makes it clearer what options are at your disposable to take your mission to the next level.

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