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Display a login prompt to anonymous front-end users on event detail page


Within the Events app, you can set a ticket to be available only to logged in users. What is more, for events with tickets available only to logged in users, you can choose to display a login prompt to anonymous front-end users that appears on the event detail page and encourages them to login to access these restricted tickets. This login prompt includes text you can customize along with a login link that will direct the user to a login form and redirect them back to the event detail page once they have logged in.


To enable the login prompt and customize its text across all events:

  • Open the Events Configuration view
  • Click the Tickets tab
  • For Display Login Prompt, select Yes
  • For Login Prompt Text, edit the default text as you wish. You may include basic hard-coded HTML in this field, if you wish to apply bolding, italics, and create a hyperlink. You do not need to include the actual Login link as this will be appended to the end of the Login Prompt Text on the front end event details view.
  • Click Save


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