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Why does Google Chrome show that my Soapbox pages are "Not Secure"?


Beginning July 24th 2018, Google Chrome began to designate any web pages not encrypted via HTTPS as "Not Secure."

This policy is outlined in a blog post in Google's blog, which you can read here:

The good news is that any Soapbox pages that collect personal data, such as Event registrations and Donations, are already encrypted with HTTPS.

Additionally, if you would like to have all of your Soapbox pages encrypted with HTTPS, you can take advantage of the Soapbox shared SSL certificate.  By taking advantage of the shared certificate you won't have to worry about seeking out a certificate vendor, or managing your certificates to make sure your HTTPS security remains up-to-date.  We'll do all of that for you!

If you are interested in getting HTTPS access for your Soapbox account, just open a ticket and our Support team will be happy to help you get the ball rolling!



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