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Excluding picklist values for Attendee Info forms in Events, support for Salesforce time field type, and additions to the Menu Manager


With today's update to Soapbox, we've added a few handy additions to the platform across several of our apps.

Events app

Ever wish you could hide a given picklist option or two when you include that picklist as a custom field for a registration form? Now you can. With a simple click, you can exclude individual picklist options in Salesforce from appearing for a custom field on an event attendee information form.

For details, check out this article:

Directories and Forms apps

We've added support for the Salesforce time field type that came out of beta with the Salesforce Summer '18 release. You can now include this field type on Forms and display it on Directories.

For more specifics, check out these articles:

Soapbox Administrator

For those using the Soapbox Menu Manager to add and update navigation items on your site, you can now see the menu alias displayed in the menu manager table. What's more, it is now included in the search when you use the filter option in the Menu Manager.

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