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Setting up the Stripe payment processor credentials


In order to use the Stripe payment processor, you will need to input your Stripe API credentials into Soapbox Engage account.  You can find your Stripe API credentials by logging into your Stripe account and going to Developers > API Keys, and noting your Publishable Key and Secret Key.

  1. Login to your Soapbox Engage administrator
  2. In the right column, click Payment Processor Settings
  3. For Payment Gateway, select Stripe
  4. For Public Key, enter your Publishable Key from your Stripe account
  5. For Private Key, enter your Secret Key from your Stripe account
  6. For Test Mode, select No, if you are using a Stripe production account, or Yes, if you are using a Stripe sandbox account for testing purposes
  7. For Default Plan, enter the Plan ID that you created in Stripe (this is used for recurring payments)
  8. Click the Save Payment Processor Settings button
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