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Why don't I see my Zoom Meeting in the Events app Zoom popup on the Integrations tab?


If you have successfully connected Soapbox to your Zoom account but don't see a Zoom Meeting you were anticipating when connecting a Soapbox Event to a Zoom Meeting, check the following:

  1. Your Zoom Meeting is in the past
    Adjust the date filter in the Zoom Meeting popup in Soapbox to view all Zoom Meetings or edit the date of the meeting in Zoom to be in the future.

  2. Your Zoom Meeting is actually a Zoom Webinar
    At this time, Soapbox only supports Zoom Meetings. We will be adding support for Zoom Webinars in the future.

  3. Your Zoom Meeting does not have Registration marked as Required
    Registration must be required for Soapbox to successfully create registrants for your Zoom Meeting.

  4. Your Zoom Meeting host is not the account owner for your Zoom account
    At this time, only meetings for which the account owner of your Zoom account is the host can be integrated with Soapbox. If you have permission to change the Host in Zoom to your account owner, doing so will allow the Zoom Meeting to appear in Soapbox. Alternatively, you can create a new Zoom Meeting directly from Soapbox.
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