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Filtering on multiple values in a hidden picklist field for a Directories search form


In a Directories search form, if you include a picklist field from Salesforce as a hidden field, you can choose to select more than one picklist item as a the Default Value for the search query.

For instance, if you have a picklist field called Status with the values of New, Existing, and Suspended, you could choose to set the Default Value for this field as "New" or "Existing" so records matching either value are shown in search results.

To select more than one item as a Default Value for a picklist field type:

  • Open the Directories page you wish to customize
  • Click on the Search Form tab
  • Click on the Salesforce Element for the picklist field you wish to alter
  • For Hidden, choose Yes as multiple Default Values will not work if the field is visible to the front-end user
  • For Default Type, choose Picklist
  • In the dueling picklist that is displayed for Default Value, select the values you wish to use in the query and click the arrows to move them to the Selected box
  • Click Save
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