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Resolving the error: INVALID_TYPE sObject Type "Package LIcense" is not supported


Soapbox uses a Salesforce user to log into Salesforce to get or push data.

You are seeing the 'PackageLicense' is not supported error  because in that user's Salesforce profile 'Manage Package Licenses' checkbox was deactivated. So when Soapbox packages try to execute queries it tries to fetch PackageLicense object, and this object is unavailable.

How to fix:

  1. In Salesforce go to Settings->type in 'profiles' in quick search-> Select 'Profiles' under 'Users' section. It will list all available profiles in your org.
  2. Pick the profile that is related with your Soapbox user.
  3. Click 'Edit' to edit profile.
  4. Search web-page for 'Manage Package Licenses' and
  5. activate checkbox.
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