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Managing relationship between Soapbox user and Salesforce Contact


Soapbox allows you to control a Users access level based on a custom field on their Contact record.

Altering access level for a user based on Salesforce field

Upon a User’s log-in, Soapbox will reference a custom access level field and set a users access level based on what it finds there.  This allows you to manage user-base access level systemically from Salesforce.  For example, a users that pays a membership fee could have their access upgraded via Salesforce Automation, and granted greater access in your Soapbox Member area.

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Creating Contact fields in Salesforce to interact with Soapbox User Integration

User Salesforce fields to record a user’s last login in Salesforce, as well as determine their User Group (which controls their access to content in your Member area) and also to block users using a “block” field.

How-To Article

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