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Creating a webhook with to receive notifications of subscription cancellations


If you are using the Donations app to accept recurring donations using as your payment gateway, you can have Authorize send notification of subscription cancellations to Soapbox so Subscription records can be updated.

The first step is to configure a Signature Key in the Merchant Interface and add it to Soapbox so Soapbox you can receive webhook notifications. To do so:

  • Login to
  • Click Accounts > Settings in the left column navigation
  • Under Security Settings > General Security Settings, click API Credentials & Keys
  • On the following page, select New Signature Key
  • Click Submit
  • Copy the Signature Key generated by Authorize

Next, add the Signature Key to Soapbox:

  • Login to your Soapbox administrator
  • In the right column, click the Payment Processor Settings module
  • In the expanded module with selected as the Payment Gateway, enter the Signature Key into the Signature Key parameter
  • Click Save

Finally, create a webhook in

  • Login to
  • Click Accounts > Settings in the left column navigation
  • Under Business Settings, click Wehooks
  • Click Add Endpoint
  • For Name, enter a name you wish. You may used Soapbox Webhook.
  • For Endpoint URL, enter the following, replacing {myaccountprefix} with the prefix of your Soapbox site:


    If your Soapbox site uses a custom URL with a custom SSL certificate, you may enter the following, replacing {} with your Soapbox site URL:


  • For Status, select Active
  • Under Select Events, click the + next to Subscription Events to display the suboptions
  • Tick the box next to net.authorize.customer.subscription.cancelled 
  • Click Save

Once this webhook has been added to, any Subscription cancelled in Authorize will be automatically updated as cancelled in Soapbox.

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