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Set Social Bookmarking options


To set social bookmarking options, including which sites are available to end users:

  1. Go to Components > Comments
  2. Click Options in the upper right
  3. In the popup window under System Sharing Options on the Social Bookmarking tab, for Enable Social Bookmarks, select Yes to enable or No to disable
  4. For Share Heading, select Do Not Show, Icon Only, Icon and Text, or Text Only to determine what appears before the social bookmarking links.  NOTE: The PICnet standard is Do Not Show so the social bookmarking links display without a title.
  5. For Icon Style, select Icons Only, Icons and Text, or Text Only to alter the display of the links.  NOTE: The PICnet standard is Icons Only to display only the icons of the social bookmarking sites.
  6. For Sharing Site Options, select Yes or No for each bookmark to show or hide it.  NOTE: The PICnet standard is to select Yes for only the most popular sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Delicious.  If a given site is currently set to Yes but is not appearing to end users, click Save and it will display.
  7. Click Save
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