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Contact Manager Overview


What does the Contact Manager do?

You can use the Contact Manager in your Soapbox administrator to create:

1. Contact Lists (useful for Staff Directories, list of Board Members, Committees, etc) such as:


2. Contact Pages with or without Forms (useful for organization, individual or department contact pages) such as:


Where is the Contact Manager located in the Administrator?

When logged in to your site's backend administrator, you can find the Contact Manager under Components > Contacts in the top navigation menu.


You will notice two sub-menu items here:

1) Categories --> Category Manager

Allows you to manage different categories of contacts (for example: a board list vs. a staff list). Note that every contact must have be assigned to one category, so you will need to have at least 1 category here.



2) Contacts --> Contact Manager

Allows you to add individual contacts to different categories.



For more information and next steps, please see:

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