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How to create a Contact List menu item


The steps below will show you how to create a menu item that links to a list of contacts like the one shown below. This can be useful for staff directories, board member lists, department directories, etc. Each contact in the list can have their own page and optional contact form. You can choose what information should be shared or hidden.

Final result:


Part I: Create a category for your contacts in the backend administrator

Note that this category should correspond to the list of contacts you want to display in the front-end. For example, if you want to create a list of staff members, create a category here for “Staff”. Each contact can only be assigned to one category.

  1. In the top navigation menu of your administration panel, go to Components > Contacts > Categories
  2. Click "New"
  3. Give your category a name such as "Staff" and a description if you want to display text above your list of contacts.
  4. Click Save or Apply in the upper right corner.

Part II: Add some contacts to your category

Navigate to the Contacts Manager and add new contacts to the category you just created.

  1. Go to Components > Contacts > Contacts
  2. Click the "New" button in the top right set of options
  3. Enter your contact's name, title, email and other information on the left side of the edit page. None of the fields are required, so just feel pressured to fill everything out if you don't need it!
  4. Verify the parameter settings on the right side of the edit page. These control options for each individual such as whether different fields should be visible and whether a contact form should be displayed. Changes here will override the default settings.
  5. When everything looks good, click Save/Apply.
  6. Repeat for all the contacts on your list.

Part III: Create a menu item to display the category of contacts

  1. In the top menu of the administrator panel, go to Menus > Main Menu (or whatever menu you would like to add this new item to)
  2. Click “New”
  3. Choose the “Contacts” option
  4. From the expanded set of options, select the Contact Category Layout option.
  5. Give your new menu item a good name and assign a parent item if appropriate.
  6. Choose the corresponding contact category you would like to display.
  7. Verify the parameters in the right column.
  8. Click “Save/Apply”
  9. Verify your work in the front-end.


Q: Can I change the table headings or the format of my list?

A. No, unfortunately these use core system language that cannot be changed per site. If you really don't like the formatting for the contact list, perhaps try creating a new page where you have complete freedom over the look and feel and then just link each contact directly to their contact form. You will find shortcuts in the Insert/Edit Link button from the WYSIWYG Editor to help you with this.

Q: Can I add other Contact fields?

A: Unfortunately the available fields are set across the entire system, so there is not a way to add different options for contacts. If you need a more advanced directory or contact list, our Salesforce Portals feature might be what you're looking for. Please submit a ticket and request more information if this sounds like something of interest to you.

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