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How to add a contact form to your site


The steps below outline how to create a email contact form to appear on your site using the "Contacts" component in Soapbox. You can use this form to allow your site visitors to send an email through your Soapbox site directly to the email address of that Contact that you create.

1. Create a Contact Category

This category will house the Contact that you will be creating next step so if you already have a Category created then you can skip this step. If you do not yet have a Category, go to Components > Contacts > Categories > New, fill out the details for your Category and click Save.

2. Create a new Contact

Go to Components > Contacts > Contacts > New and fill out the details for this new Contact. See the Parameters on the right side of the screen to Show/Hide certain elements of your form, then click Save.

Make sure that you include an email address in the Email field as this is required for the Contact form to appear to the visitor. It is the email address to which the contact email will be sent.

3. Create the Contact Menu Item

This menu item will pull in your newly created Contact form into your webpage.

First, you will have to choose which Menu you want this menu item to appear in (for most sites this will probably be the "Main Menu").

Once you navigate to that Menu (e.g. Menus > Main Menu), click the New menu item and for menu item type, choose Contacts > Standard Contact Layout. Fill out your Menu Item Details then in the "Parameters (Basic)" under Select Contact, choose the newly created Contact from the drop-down menu, adjust any other Parameters to your liking then click Save.

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