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Add a link to a Section Blog Layout


Creating a Section Blog Layout generates a dynamic feed that will automatically update whenever new content is added to a given section.  Whereas a category blog layout will only display content in a single category, a section blog layout will display content in a given section, incorporating multiple categories within a given section.  An example would be if one wanted a blog layout that included various different categories within a single section, for example a “News” section which included categories like “press releases,” “reports,” and “in the media.”  

1. Go to Menus and then click on the name of the menu in which you want to create a new item.

2. Click on "New."

3. From "Select Menu Type" click on "Articles," which will display many different types of articles.

4. Click on "Section Blog Layout."

5. Fill in the title area. This text is what will display in the menu for this item.

6. Leave the Alias field blank (Non-profit soapbox will automatically create a web-friendly URL for you).

7. Select a parent item. The parent item dictates where in the menu this new menu item will appear. If you want the new menu item to appear as an item underneath an existing item, select that one as its "parent item." If you want it to be on the top level, simply select "top" as the parent item.

8. On the right side, under "Parameters (Basic)," select the name of the section you want to use.

9. Below this section selection drop-down, you can customize how the page appears by selecting how many articles appear and in which fashion. The standard that many sites use is:

#Leading: 0

# Intro: 10

# Columns: 1

# Links: 0

But feel free to customize as needed.

10. Hit save, and your new menu item will be created, displaying a dynamic feed of the articles within a category of your choice.

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