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Add a menu link to another menu item with Alias


Creating a menu link to another menu item with Alias is the best way to point to a menu item already on your site.  Why use an alias instead of an external URL?  While the URL for a menu item may change over time – for instance if you move it, or rename it – the alias will continue to point to the menu item regardless of these changes.  When might you use an alias?  For example if you want to display a “contact us” page in the header and the footer, rather than making two separate forms, an alias allows you to make one menu item for it, and then use another to point to that same menu item.  

Now, here’s how to do it!

1. Go to Menus and then click on the name of the menu in which you want to create a new item.

2. Click on "New."

3. From "Select Menu Type" click on “Alias” which displays at the bottom of the list.


4. Fill in the title area. This text is what will display in the menu for this item.

5. Leave the Alias field blank (Non-profit soapbox will automatically create a web-friendly URL for you).

6. Select a parent item. The parent item dictates where in the menu this new menu item will appear. If you want the new menu item to appear as an item underneath an existing item, select that one as its "parent item." If you want it to be on the top level, simply select "top" as the parent item.

7. On the right side, under "Parameters (Basic)," you’ll see a dropdown called “menu item.”  On this dropdown, select the menu item to which you want this alias to point.


8. Hit save, and your new menu item will be created, creating an alias link to the menu item of your choice.  

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