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Using the Menu Trash


The menu manager allows you to create menu items that point to a piece of content, external link, or various other menu item types in Non-Profit Soapbox, like a “contact us” form.  This article explains how to delete menu items that you no longer need, and how to restore them if you decide that in fact you do!

Before discussing the menu trash, one quick note: if you want to remove a menu item from appearing on your live website, you don’t have to delete it.  Next to every menu item is a column titled “Published.”  A green checkmark in this column means that the menu item is published and live on the website.  Clicking this checkmark replaces it with a red “X” which signifies that it is no longer published.  This results in this menu item not appearing on the live site, but still remaining in the menu structure should you wish to revive it later. 

But, let’s say you decide that you definitely want to delete it.  Click on the “menus” dropdown and then the name of the menu where this menu item is located.  On the left side of the “menu item” column, there is a checkbox.  Check the box next to the item which you want to delete, and then in the top right corner of the site, hit “trash.”  This removes this menu item from the menu completely.


What happens if you change your mind and want to restore this menu item?  Don’t worry, there’s a “menu trash” which is akin to your “recycle bin” on your computer.  To access this, go to the menus dropdown, and select “menu trash.”  


Here, you’ll find all of the menu items that have been deleted.  To restore a menu item, simply select the checkbox next to its name and hit “restore” in the top right corner.  If you are absolutely positive that you will never need this menu item again, then select the checkbox next to its name and hit “delete” in the top right corner.  It will now be deleted from your site forever. 

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