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Ordering Menu Items


The easiest way to change the order of menu items is to use the little “up and down” arrows that appear next to each menu title. To do this:



  1. In the top navigation bar within your site administrator, hover over "Menus" and then choose one of the menu items the appears in the drop down.

  2. Set the Display to all if you can’t see all of your menu items.
  3. Click “up” or “down” depending on your desired end-result. Note that this will only change the order of menu items in the same level. If you want to move a menu item from one parent item to another, you will need to first open that menu item and assign a different parent item. Then you can move using the arrows as you see fit
  4. Note: If you need to reorder many items at the same time, it might be faster to type in the correct order in the number fields and then click the "Save" icon at the top to reorder items in bulk.
  5. Note: Notice that the order applies to each menu level separately. So all of your "parent" or "Level 1" menu items are ordered together, but individual sub-menus are ordered separately. If you need to move a menu item from one sub-menu to another, you will need to open the menu item and assign a new parent item first before you can change the ordering.
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