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Overview of Redirects


Redirects allows you to create custom URLs that will redirect users to pages you specify. You may be thinking, 'Why would I want to do such a thing?' Well here are some examples of situations where this comes in handy:

  1. Create short custom URLs: Maybe you are running a print ad urging readers to learn more about a new campaign of yours, and the landing page has a really long URL. Instead of asking users to type that long URL into their browser, you can use this tool create a custom shorter URL like: “” to point to the longer URL.
  2. Redirect outdated links to current content: Say you just migrated your site to soapbox but there are still people looking for information on an old URL that doesn't exist anymore. You can use the redirect component to tell the server that anybody looking for “” should be redirected to “”
  3. Create a custom 404 Redirect: A 404 error message occurs when the user tries to view a page that does not exist, and they are given a "404 - File not found error". Your site probably already uses the standard Joomla 404 error page, but if you’d like to customize what happens when somebody types in a bad URL, Redirects is the tool for you.

Try out the following quick tutorials to learn how to use Redirects:

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