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Why is my custom Redirect not working?


There are a few reasons why redirects may not be functioning. Check each of the following to see if any apply:

  1. Redirect is unpublished:

    Go to Components > Redirects and double check to that the redirect has been published. An unpublished redirect won't function until published.

  2. Existing live menu item has the same alias

    If an existing menu item has the same alias as the redirect you are attempting to create, the redirect will be ignored in favor of the menu item. For instance, if you have as a menu item, a redirect you attempt to create to go from to will not work.

    Make sure you look at all the Menus found in Menus > Menu Manager since this applies to all and not just those in the Main Menu. Hidden Menu is a particularly good place to check, if your site has this menu.

    If you find a menu item conflicting with the redirect, either edit the menu item alias or the redirect.
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