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Install Google Analytics code to track traffic


Google Analytics is a helpful tool that tracks traffic on your website. This can include standard metrics tracked by Google including page views, bounce rates and time on site as well as Soapbox-specific enhancements such as file downloads, email links, and exit links to external sites - all of which can be segmented by public vs. logged in users. To get started, create a free account with Google Analytics. Once you have done so, install the code by doing the following:

  1. Go to Extensions > Plugin Manager
  2. Find System - Google Analytics
  3. Click System - Google Analytics in the Plugin Name column to edit it
  4. For Enabled under Details, select Yes
  5. In the Account Number field under Parameters in the right column, insert ONLY your account number provided by Google WITHOUT the initial "UA-" (e.g., 10051584-2)

  6. For Site Name, leave this blank
  7. For Track Registered Users, leave Yes selected. If your site has a password-protected area, this will allow statistics to be collected per user type.

Once you have enabled the plugin, Google will begin collecting data.  You will be able to review the status of this data collection by logging in to your Google Analytics account.

After the initial data collection has begun, you will be able to review your site traffic statistics, create goals, and do many other things.  To learn more about what is possible, take a few minutes to watch this video provided by Google.

Beginning Analytics: Interpreting and Acting on Your Data


Viewing statistics for file downloads, email links, and exit links 

Statistics for file downloads, email links and exit links are viewed in a special section of your Analytics account under Content.  To access these, go to Content > Event Tracking.


***Update - the following screencast reflects changes that have been made to the Google Analytics UI, and may be worth looking at if you are looking for stats on file downloads etc.:

NOTE: If your site was launched prior to March 15, 2010, Google Analytics code was installed by PICnet using a different methodology. If you would like to make use of this plugin to gain the benefits of tracking file downloads, email links, exit links, and audience segmentation, submit a ticket and request us to remove the Analytics code from your site template and enable this plugin in its place.
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