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Overview of Taxonomy


Taxonomy offers a flexible, highly customizable way to categorize various types of content on your site, including:

  • Events in the Events app which can be used to provide filtered views of events;
  • Classes in the Classes app which can be used to provide filtered view of classes as well as faceted search fields on the Search Classes view;
  • Products in the Shop app which can be used to create Collections views to allow visitors to browse a subset of the products on a site; and
  • Locations in Soapbox Mapper which can be used to filtering map views;
  • Articles in the Soapbox CMS that can augment and extend the basic Sections and Categories system. Similar to tags used on other platforms, Taxonomy Terms applied to articles have the additional option of being associated with each other in a hierarchical parent-child relationship, allowing for increased presentation options beyond that of flat tags lists.
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