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Displaying Terms with articles


If you're using Taxonomy to organize your articles, once you've created Terms and assigned them to articles, you can have those terms appear with that article on your site. These terms will be hyperlinked so a visitor can click a term to see a list of other articles with the same term applied.

To do so:

  1. Go to Extensions > Plugin Manager
  2. Locate the Content - Terms plugin
  3. Click on the title to edit it
  4. For Name, keep the same name
  5. For Enabled, choose Yes
  6. In the right column under Plugin Parameters, for Placement, choose "Before Content" or "After Content". "Before Content" displays the terms between the article title and the article content. "After Content" displays the terms at the end of the page after the content.
  7. For Show For Layouts, the "Summary Layout" is the only option. The Summary Layout is the blog-style Taxonomy view which is a paginated list of articles with a given Taxonomy term applied.
  8. For Label, customize the text you wish to use for the terms label. The default is "Terms" but can be changed, as you wish. Common alternatives include "Tags" or "Categories".
  9. For Show for Uncategorized, choose Yes or No, depending on whether you would like the terms to appear on articles which are not placed in a Section or Category.
  10. For Show for Categories, select any Section and Categories for which you wish terms to appear on articles in those Sections and Categories
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