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Use Format drop down to select text styles


When drafting and formatting text in Non-Profit Soapbox, you may find yourself wanting to treat different parts of text in different ways in order to liven up your pages. In addition to the standards - bold, italics, underline, etc - your soapbox site also comes with a number of pre-built options in the system to create various header's and other special text. These preset styles make it easy for you to quickly format text in a variety of ways, and will keep your pages looking consistent site-wide. Additionally, these preset styles allow you to keep your site code tight and optimized, without forcing your browsers to load every header as a separate set of colors and font sizes.

In order to utilize these styles, begin by typing the text in first as just plain text. Shown here:


Then, you'll want to highlight the lines that you'd like to add emphasis to, then, simply click the 'Format' dropdown.


From this list, you'll be able to choose from a number of headings, blockquote, and others in order to make your text really stand out.

[Note:] There must be full paragraph breaks between different text elements in order for them to be different text styles. This means you cannot select some text that is part of a larger paragraph without all of the text being the same style. Examples below:


Will become:


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