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How do you put a module inside an article?


By following the simple steps below, you will be able to place any module from your Soapbox site at a specific location inside of an article.

Step 1

Create a module (Extensions > Module Manager > New) and set its Position to loadsampleloadsample can be any value that doesn't conflict with an existing module position (as seen in the dropdown list for Position on your module. Thus,  make sure to type in the position loadsample and press enter instead of selecting it from the drop-down list. Also, make sure to assign the module to ALL menu items, enter in any other settings and click Save.


Step 2

Open the article in which you would like to place your new module. Click your cursor in the content for that article (the Editor can be turned ON here), and enter the following text:

{loadposition loadsample}

Note that "loadsample" is the unique name of the module position you chose in Step 1 above. Once you insert this simple command, click Save and then refresh the page on the front-end of your website that includes this article.



* The process above only works if the "Content - Load Module" plugin (Extensions > Plugin Manager) is Enabled on your site.

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