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Pre-populating values with logged in user's web account Username and Email


If your site has a password-protected area and its users are connected to Salesforce Contact records in your Salesforce instance, you can use the Username and Email of with their Soapbox user account as the default value for a field in a Forms page.

To do so, insert either of the following variables as the Default Value for a Salesforce Element in the Forms page, being careful to enter them as lowercase since they are case-sensitive:


The most common use of this will be to store the Soapbox user information in the Contact record of the logged in user in Salesforce so that you can match a Contact record in Salesforce to a Soapbox record in the User Manager. Doing so will make potential requests from users to reset their passwords straightforward to accommodate.

NOTE: As mentioned above, the variables are case sensitive. {$email} with a lowercase e refers to the Email associated with the logged in user's Soapbox account. {$Email} with an uppercase E refers to the Email field on their Contact record in Salesforce. For more information about using Contact record values as default values for Forms, refer to Pre-populating values with logged in user's Contact information. For a list of all variables available in Forms, refer to Using variables or text as a Default Value for Forms and Variables available as the Default Value of a field on a Forms page.

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